“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Buckminster Fuller

Six years ago, our governments signed the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals and committed to implementing them by 2030. Since then, however, the state of our planet has continued to

deteriorate dramatically. The neoliberal logic of profit maximization and exploitation and the pyramidal power structure has definitely proven its ineffectiveness.

So instead of focusing on a gross domestic product, a focus on gross national happiness

- and this for all forms of life - is much more life-friendly.

It is now the challenge of our time

to envision a new form of living together on earth

and to implement it with determination and joy.

In gratitude and respect for our ancestors,

the people who have gone the way before us.

In love for our children

and for ourselves.

We, sovereign living beings, pure consciousness, pure love, acknowledge,

that human beings are part of the Earth´s ecosystem.

We have realized that the health of us humans is inseparable

from the health of the plants, animals, waters, soils, the air,

and intimately connected to the natural electromagnetic fields.

and the cosmic cycles

We therefore call on our current governments to step down unless they are serious about and do everything they can to manifest a world in which all actions and laws are solely for the benefit of all life - with respect, compassion and mindfulness for the Earth, its inhabitants and its diversity.

For: "If the government cannot create happiness and well-being for its people, then there is no reason for the government to exist." (from: Survey Report, Bhutan Study)

Our motto:

Truth, Freedom, Equality, Fraternity and Peace.

As sovereign human beings, we are aware that each of us has a part to play in the recovery of our planet and our society. By creating this new world

aware of our responsibility

and full of compassion and love for ourselves and for all life.

and for all life, we are creating a movement that will eventually carry along those who do not yet believe in this vision of good.

This manifesto is not a final version,

but a vision of our near future with great potential for growth,

inspired and created by dozens of people.

It is a first foundation to co-create paradise on Earth.

Together we manifest:


a.) The regeneration of our soils, the basis of life on earth

We detoxify our soils and promote humus building at the private and agricultural level with composting techniques and worm bins. For this purpose, composting and humus-building seminars organised by the municipalities/cities are offered.

In the last 70 years, 50% of the humus on our earth has been destroyed.

According to scientific warnings, these lands, poisoned with pesticides and chemical fertilisers, will no longer be able to produce a harvest in 60 years.

While the earth itself would take several thousand years to rebuild humus, humans can do it in only 10-20 years with composting techniques and Terra Preta!

Toxic sprays and fertilisers are therefore being replaced in our fields, meadows and beds by Terra Preta, Effective Microorganisms and other biological organic fertilisers that serve to build up humus naturally.

No longer used "sealed" land areas, such as industrial sites or large car parks, are deconstructed and made available to the community, for example to plant community gardens or "edible" healing forests.

Intermediate and marginal hedges are planted on the large agricultural areas, flowers,

Fruit and nut trees, sweet chestnuts, etc. are planted to feed the bees, direct the winds and provide nesting sites for birds and other animals.

The chirping of birds and the buzzing of insects accompany the harmonious growth of the plants.

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b.) Only sustainable and organic farms are promoted

Organic, permaculture and Demeter farmers from small and medium-sized farms determine

the agricultural policy.

All other farms receive free retraining in sustainable and organic agriculture and for regional distribution opportunities.

In the transition phase, non-organic products are subject to a toxin tax. The money raised goes directly to retraining and converting farms to organic agriculture.

The community supports independent and non-profit seed initiatives and swap meets

to preserve and expand the diversity of our food and medicinal plants.

There must be no patents on seeds and other living things!

c.) Purification of all waters

In the future, dynamized, healthy and clean water will flow from all water pipes.

Rivers and streams will be re-naturalized as far as possible and reasonable.

Groundwater and rainwater will be kept within the region. New highly efficient methods, such as rainwater collection basins, swales, drip irrigation, agroforestry or agrophotovoltaics are used for irrigation in agriculture.

Our wastewater treatment plants are being renewed. Wastewater is cleaned by plants and composting techniques (bacteria) before it flows back into the water cycle.Wherever possible, modern, water-saving and humus-building composting toilets are installed.

Large areas of the sea are protected. Regional fisheries that respect fish will replace large-scale industrial trawl fisheries. Marine cleaning and regeneration projects receive generous and active support from the community and the government.

d.) Purification of the air

Exhaust gases and spray mists containing aluminum metal and/or other toxins

are strictly no longer used. The emission of particulate matter and air pollution of any kind is reduced to an absolute minimum.

e.) 60% of the forests - the "lungs of our earth" and producers of pure oxygen - are put under nature protection

In the last centuries brutally cleared former forest areas are reforested under the guidance and in cooperation with integrally thinking and feeling, future-oriented foresters and people such as Helmut Thoma (A), Peter Wohlleben (D) or Ernst Zürcher (CH).

Holistic forest management courses are offered to all foresters, forest owners and interested people.

f.) Re-naturalization of all foods

Artificial additives of all kinds are only used if a committee of doctors, biologists and alternative practitioners of various disciplines has determined that they are harmless. Sugar and refined fats as well as denatured foods, which have demonstrably led to an unnatural increase in allergies and obesity in recent decades, are replaced by wholesome and natural foods.

The cultivation of old, resistant food plant varieties and wild herb meadows is promoted. Instead of the hybrid seed monopolies of multinational corporations, small producers are given seed autonomy again.

g.) Environmentally friendly and toxin-free production

Scientists work hand in hand with chemical companies to produce necessary products that cannot be made from purely natural materials (such as outdoor clothing or fireproof fabrics, etc.) as ethically, environmentally friendly and recyclable as possible. All other textiles are made from natural and renewable resources. Hemp and linen cultivation and the cultivation of other ecologically valuable crops are very popular. Whenever possible, man-made materials are recycled, repaired and, if possible, reprocessed into new materials already in the transition phase.

The labels of the products clearly declare what the materials are made of and how fairly they were produced.

h. ) Every living being is treated with esteem and respect.

"The greatness and moral progress of a nation

can be measured by how they treat their animals."

Mahatma Gandhi

Any form of animal cruelty and cage or factory farming will be banned with immediate effect.

Every animal that is not allowed to live in freedom will be provided with a natural outlet.

Laboratory experiments with animals, transport of animals for consumption purposes and trade in animals will be a thing of the past.

Milk and other products derived from animals will only be produced with species-appropriate

animal husbandry. Animals are now fed only natural feed.

Cows are allowed to keep their horns.

Animals (such as the bulls from the dairy farms, the young cocks from the egg production or surplus wild animals) are killed in their natural and familiar environment with as little suffering as possible

and thereby perceived and honored as sentient beings.

The shooting of animals for the protection of the forest population and the culling of sick animals

is now only carried out by trained persons such as foresters or professional hunters. Hunting licenses are now only issued in a professional context

Since at the moment 2/3 of the agricultural areas are used for animal feed and rainforests are massively cut down for it, we plead for a change to a vegetarian and vegan way of life, through which many more people can be fed without problems.

i.) Our hospitals will be transformed into holistic "healing-spaces"

The new healing concept and the construction of the corresponding spaces will be worked out and implemented with the knowledge and experience of medical doctors, alternative practitioners, energetics, nutritionists, physiologists, biologists, psychologists, spiritual teachers, geomancers and Feng Shui specialists.

With little effort, current hospitals and intensive care units are designed in advance to be more healing-friendly with plants, therapy animals, natural fragrances, natural light frequencies, images of plants and nature.

The new healing spaces are surrounded by healing forests with special forest therapy paths modeled after the Japanese Shinrin-Yoku (link follows) with mindfulness paths, streams and water features. Animals and plants are used as therapy aids.

Special farms connected to the healing rooms offer therapy possibilities for e.g. drug addicts or other addiction-prone people (this also includes Digital Detox Therapies)

and at the same time healthy biological food is grown there for the healing rooms.

In the concept of healing, the following principles are recognized:

1. man is a spiritual being and does not end at the surface of his skin.

He is a multidimensional being with several "body" levels, all connected and interacting with each other.

2. man is a part of the earth ecosystem, a living organism, connected on all levels.

3) The 5 biological laws of nature.

4.) We humans have excellent self-healing powers and an immune system that must be supported primarily and on all levels to prevent disease.

In the new healing rooms holistic therapy methods are applied, which correspond to the individual needs of the people.

Healing methods that have successfully helped people heal through the power of nature for centuries, as well as "new" healing methods based on quantum/frequencies are fully recognized, applied and taught.

Natural remedies are preferred because they have few side effects compared to pharmaceutical industry products, while also promoting local producers.

Doctors must be honest, clear and transparent about the side effects of the products they prescribe.

j.) The birth of humans, but also animals, is respected as a sacred ritual

Women are given free access to childbirth classes developed by experienced and holistic midwives and doulas (birth attendants).

Similarly, birth centers and home births are encouraged. Women should be free to decide in what manner and in whose presence they wish to give birth. Natural births are encouraged and invasive procedures are avoided whenever possible.

Each child is escorted into the world with dignity in a loving, gentle and mindful manner.

In order to strengthen the loving bond between mother and child, to make him feel safe and secure from the beginning and to provide the baby with the best nutrients of natural breast milk, women are optimally supported in breastfeeding their babies.

k.) "When we lose the fear of death, we lose the fear of life".

Courses are developed and offered together with death companions of all religions,

that enable people to develop a fear-free and dignified approach to the topic of death

and also to learn to grieve freely.

Relatives are also allowed to leave the body of their loved one laid out for a few days at home or in a sacred space, so that the soul can slowly and gently detach - and the relatives have enough time to say a proper farewell to their loved one.

Caskets, their contents and urns must be compostable without residue.

Incineration is preferable for groundwater hygiene reasons.

Relatives should be free to decide where to scatter the ashes.

Forest burials are also becoming increasingly popular.

l.) Technology serves life, not the other way around